Es Rafalet

If you’re looking for a quiet place in which to enjoy the Mallorcan natural environment in a traditional ambience, but with a full range of comforts, the Possession Es Rafalet is the best place for this and much more. Located next to the historic town of Manacor, its location makes it an ideal place for discovering the natural environment while also experiencing a traditional town dating back to the 16th century. Although it is in the heart of the island, the heavenly beaches of eastern Mallorca are just a few kilometres away, and there are also dozens of outdoor activities nearby.

  • Alongside the town of Manacor

  • Built in the sixteenth century

  • 15 minutes from the beach

  • Rural setting with livestock and agriculture


The estate comprises three different areas: Casa Gran (six people), Casa Petita (four to six people) and Es Porxet (two people), each fully equipped and with its own personality while retaining all of its rustic charm. Es Rafalet displays the essence of traditional dwellings and much of the furniture has its own history (one of the double beds dates back to the sixteenth century), seamlessly combining this with the technology and comforts of modern life.


Due to its proximity, Manacor is a place you must see. The history of the town deserves to be discovered. Visit the Archaeological Museum and learn about the local artificial pearl industry at Majòrica, a world-famous company founded in 1890 in this small town. Don’t miss the market and all its home-made and organic products every Monday. The local festivals are held in the last week of May and on July 25.

If you still have time for more, the nearby towns of Petra, Son Macia and Son Carrió are recommended visits. Also just a few kilometres from the Possession there are five golf courses, beautiful beaches, marinas and popular island attractions such as the Drach Caves and the Safari-Zoo Park.


Es Rafalet is an ideal place for experiencing rural life. The 110-hectare estate has always been agricultural and has numerous plots for sheep and for the cultivation of almond trees, carob trees and olive trees, among others.

The estate and its surroundings are perfect for long nature walks or bike rides. Admire the remains of a Talayotic village (inhabitants of the Balearic Islands in the Bronze and Iron Ages) next to the estate or visit nearby estates: in Rotana there is a golf course and in Sa Vall a mineral water spring.

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