We all play a part in making Itinerem

One of the most valuable things Itinerem has achieved has been to bring together people with different professional and personal profiles but with a common goal: to enhance the value of our history. This is what moves us. The land, the people, the personal histories and the legacy of our ancestors passed down as traditions. This is the Itinerem team:

Guillermo Dezcallar (President): Guillermo has a degree in Law from the UIB and a diploma in European Studies from the Europa Institut at the University of Saarbrücken. He is a patron of the German Stiftung Für Kunst & Kultur Foundation dedicated to the organisation of international cultural events.

Luis del Olmo (Vice President): Luis is a specialist in tourism marketing. A graduate of the Brussels Tourism School, he has more than 30 years of experience in the creation and development of international projects. He has held senior executive positions at Holiday Inn, Euro Disney and Meliá Hotels International.

María Obrador (Patron): María is a graduate of the European Business School in Madrid. She has developed her career in the areas of business strategy, marketing, communication and social media. She also has extensive experience in the management of accommodation such as Es Cabás and Cap Rocat.

Jesús Ramón García-Valenciano (Patron): Jesús has a degree from the ESIC Business & Marketing School. He led the team that created within Meliá Hotels International and his career has seen him work mainly in strategic consulting in distribution and digital transformation and the implementation of online marketing plans.

Diego Zaforteza: Diego is the promoter of Itinerem and director of the foundation. He is a graduate in business management from IESE and project management (UAX), but his most outstanding characteristic is his commitment to reinventing travel destinations based on their culture and the traditional values of their people.

Yoann Blanc: Yoann is a Data Analyst trained at ESADE University. He has also studied Law (Complutense de Madrid), pending his degree as he has started different business projects. He also has extensive experience in the direct management of tourist accommodation establishments in the area of holiday homes, agritourism and small hotels. Passionate about sport, he has participated (and finished) in several Ironmans.

Pepe Pont: A M.Sc. in Computer Science from ESIEA in Paris with an online MBA, Pepe’s professional career began in the fields of business consultancy and analysis in different countries, before turning to the full management of tourist establishments.



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